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What makes us unique

Obsession with detail

Advanced and easy to use

Our options panel combines a great UX, designed to make sites easily and intuitively, with more than 300 options to build almost anything.

Obsession with detail

For any business

Each demo is made thinking about different type of business and its specific needs. If you like some element of another demo you can copy and paste it easily.

One click install

Import any demo content just with one click!
Hydrus have a huge number of conbinations!

A theme for everyone

You can find features and elements intuitive and easy to use.
But with the flexibility to build highly advanced websites.

Unlimited Skins and Styling

Customize styles of any element on the site.
From general settings or just for one page.

Optimized for speed

Hydrus is fully optimized. With well written code and adaptive images merged in a way that make it fly.

Obsession with detail